Latest Trends In Brow Design For 2019

Your Eyebrows can literally make or break the look you are trying to achieve and can even change the shape of your face. It is therefore essential to spend a little time focusing on getting beautiful brows. Here are the latest trends in brow design for 2019!

Soft Arches.

Soft arched brows are going to be huge in 2019! The good news? This style can look great on almost every face shape and contour. A soft-arched brow can be achieved by using a thin-tipped brow pencil or, if you would like something a little more permanent, this look can certainly be achieved by visiting your trusted eyebrow professional through microblading.

Curved Shape. 

Curved eyebrows are on trend for 2019 and, if you thought that this shape was reminiscent of the 90’s, you are correct! The difference is that in 2019, however, curved brows that are not over-plucked or too thin look much better! If you would like beautifully curved brows, your brow specialist can help by sculpting perfect brows that frame your eyes, brows that curve upwards and then taper off at the ends. Amazingly beautiful brows are now closer than ever. For the best curved shape, call 808 Brows and book a personal consultation!

High Arches. 

Do you have a round-shaped face? If so, you will love this new eyebrow trend for 2019 which gives round faces lovely definition. These brows are thicker and fuller and one option available today is brow henna. It is an excellent way to give yourself those perfect, fuller looking arches. What are you waiting for?

Contoured Brows.

Yep, contouring is not just for your cheeks and nose anymore – apparently, this mega-trend that ruled social media for the past year has now made its way to our eyebrows. According to Marie Claire, contouring is the next big trend in eyebrows for 2019 and “it’s all about clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails.” The whole point of contouring is to perfectly lift, frame and define your facial features, and a great brow contouring job will lift your cheeks, slim your nose and make your eyes sparkle. And, who, we ask, doesn’t want that?

How to do it professionally: 

Nobody says contouring can’t be done at home, but it takes steady hands and an eye for color blending. However, just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should!  Search “Contouring Epic Fails” if you want to see how a bad case of contouring will look – a trained technician will always be the best choice for the job. Eyebrow Microblading is the perfect solution to contour brow arches and high-quality products are a must. That’s why we only use the finest products on the market today, ensuring your strokes remain crisp and defined for up to 18 months.

Straight Brows. 

Straight brows are extremely popular at the moment and have actually also been around the K beauty arena for a while now. You may feel a little scared to sport this particular look as it is a little extreme, but you could ask your eyebrow specialist for straight brows with a more natural shape. Oval-shaped faces look beautiful with straight brows and you would be the envy of all your friends!

Soap Brows.

This may sound strange, but soap brows are the next best thing in brow fashion! These modern brows are shaped by using soap to brush the hair in a vertically upward motion. The overall look is fluffy, big and bushy.  It may not be for everyone, but if “it’s your thing” go on and rock it girl…

Dyed Brows.

You have probably seen people with colored (or dyed) brows on social media. This trend encompasses all kinds of brow colors, everything from natural brown tones, to the um, shall we say a little bit more on the extreme end of the color spectrum such as red, auburn, orange and even pink! This is a great look if you are the adventurous type and don’t mind turning heads. Your brow specialist can dye your brows or use brow henna for this spectacular look!

Mismatched Brows.

It used to be that you would always need to match your brow color to your hair color for a uniform look. This is no longer the case and, in 2019, you can get really creative with your brows. For example, if you have dark hair, you could lighten your brows for a beautiful, mismatched look. This look has been all over the fashion runways and can be easily achieved with some brow henna or brow dye.

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Denise Brito